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Dental Implants – Strong, Secure Tooth Replacement

A lost or damaged tooth creates a number of oral health challenges. Dental implants create a new tooth from the root to the surface. Read More

Bone Grafting – The Foundation of Your Healthy Tooth Function

Bone health is essential to support your teeth. The lack of healthy tissue in your jawbone can be solved with bone grafting. Read More

Wisdom Teeth – Treatment for Problem Wisdom Teeth

Your wisdom teeth are the last to develop. They can also be among those that develop problems, become painful, and affect your surrounding, healthy teeth. Read More

Tooth Extraction – Preserve the Health of Your Surrounding Teeth with a Tooth Extraction

Severe tooth decay or untreated tooth damage can create problems for your surrounding, healthy teeth. On occasion, a dental extraction is necessary to prevent further decay and the spread of infection or disease. Read More

General Anesthesia – Solutions for a Comfortable Oral Surgery Procedure

A variety of anesthesia methods are available during your surgical procedure. The type of anesthesia is determined by your specific procedure. Read More

Oral Pathology – Reduce Your Oral Health Risk

Your mouth’s interior provides clues to potential health risks. Oral cancer is among the pathologies we can detect before an abnormalities worsen. Read More

Sleep Apnea – Improve Your Sleep Quality and Treat Your Sleep Related Health Risks

Proper breathing during sleep is essential to a good night’s rest. It also reduces snoring and other more serious health risks associated with sleep apnea. Read More

TMJ Treatments – A Solution for Your Jaw, Head, and Neck Pain

Chronic pain in your jaw, head, and neck region can be caused by TMJ (temporomandibular joint) disorder. In addition to headaches you can also experience a clicking or popping sound when opening and closing your mouth. Read More

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