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Strong, Secure Tooth Replacement

A lost or damaged tooth creates a number of oral health challenges. Dental implants create a new tooth from the root to the surface.

Replace what’s missing

Tooth loss affects your ability to chew and smile. It also creates problems for your bone and gum tissue because of the loss of your tooth root.

A dental implant is made from a surgical grade of titanium. Your implant is surgically placed into your gum and bone tissue to create new, secure tooth root.

The abutment (post) supports your dental crown on the surface to restore you tooth structure. You’ll be able to eat, chew, and smile with renewed confidence following tooth replacement with a dental implant.

Dental implants are effective within the upper and/or lower arch of your mouth. Single or multiple implants can be placed at strategic locations to restore all or most of your missing teeth in the specific arch where tooth loss has occurred.

Tooth replacement solutions with dental implants

Implants provide you a secure option for a variety of tooth replacements. Each missing teeth solution relies on the stability of a select number of dental implants secured to your available bone and gum tissue.

• Implant supported overdentures allow the replacement of a full set of teeth in your upper and/or lower jaw. The treatment is secure, cost effective, allows for faster healing, and will not erode your tissue like traditional dentures.
• Teeth in a day uses a select number of dental implants to replace a full arch of missing teeth in your upper and/or lower jaw. The procedure can be completed in one appointment allowing you to depart with restored tooth function.

Preparation and post-implant placement that assures an effective and comfortable procedure

Bone grafting provides the necessary support to anchor your dental implants into your jawbone. Lack of adequate tissue can be solved by placing natural bone tissue from a select source at the implant site. Once the tissue has adapted to your existing bone tissue your implant can be secured for tooth replacement.

After placement it’s essential that your dental implants be allowed to heal. Healing allows your implant to adapt to your bone and gum tissue. Once your implant has healed your new permanent tooth or teeth will be placed to restore full tooth function.

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