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Treatment for Problem Wisdom Teeth

Your wisdom teeth are the last to develop. They can also be among those that develop problems, become painful, and affect your surrounding, healthy teeth.

Solutions for impacted wisdom teeth

It’s common for your jaw to be unable to accommodate the emergence of your four wisdom teeth. Inadequate space can cause your wisdom teeth to become impacted or not emerge in the proper position necessary for chewing or cleaning.

Other problems associated with impacted wisdom teeth can include infection, crowding, or damage to adjacent teeth.

Your wisdom teeth can be removed without causing further damage to your developing or fully developed teeth. It’s common for wisdom teeth to be removed as early as age 12 or 13. You can also have your wisdom teeth removed in your 20’s or further into adulthood.

Removal of your wisdom teeth is an oral surgery procedure. Anesthesia and sedation are provided and monitored to assure your comfort and safety.

How to assure a healthy recovery following wisdom teeth extraction

Anesthesia and sedation help prevent problems and discomfort during your surgical procedure. Your gums will be sutured following tooth removal.

Gauze is placed to control bleeding. You will also be provided detailed post-operative instructions, a pain relief prescription, antibiotics, and dietary guidelines.

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