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Vital Information to Assure You a Comfortable Oral Surgery Procedure

Before you receive anesthesia

• Avoid eating and drinking (water also) for eight hours prior to your procedure.
• Refrain from smoking at least 12 hours before your procedure and as soon as possible following your procedure.
• Arrange for a responsible adult to accompany you to your procedure appointment. The driver must remain at our office until the patient is ready to be discharged and drive you home following your procedure.
• Dress comfortably for your procedure.
• Remove jewelry, lipstick, excessive make-up, etc at the time of your procedure.
• Inform our office about any illness such as a cold, sore throat, stomach issues, etc prior to your procedure.
• Communicate any medications you’re taking prior to your procedure.

When you have dental implants placed

• Care for your implant site. Avoid rinsing or touching the implant area following your procedure.
• Be aware of bleeding. Some bleeding or irritation is normal following implant placement for 24 hours. Inform our office of any excessive bleeding.
• Treat swelling with an ice bag or towel containing ice on your cheek at the implant site. Apply ice as needed.
• Drink plenty of water. Avoid hot foods and liquids. Enjoy soft foods the day of your implant placement and return to a normal diet as you’re comfortable.
• Use pain medications and antibiotics as directed following your procedure.
• Use care when doing your oral hygiene routine. Ask about and follow our instructions for rinsing, brushing, and flossing.
• If a partial or full denture is involved follow our recommendations for wear post-procedure.

When you have your wisdom teeth extracted

Follow all post-operative instructions to assure that your extraction site is free from infection and longterm swelling.
• Keep gauze in place for a half hour following your extraction.
• Avoid aggressive rinsing or touching your surgical area.
• Use the recommended and prescribed pain medication for discomfort.
• Restrict your activity following your procedure and resume when you feel comfortable doing so.
• Place ice packs on each side of your face where you’ve had the extraction.
• Be aware of bleeding and swelling. Contact us if either continues or becomes excessive.
• Manage your pain according to our recommended or prescribed medication.
• Follow our dietary guidelines post-surgery. Avoid drinking beverages through a straw as the “sucking” reflex can dislodge your necessary blood clots from each extraction site.
• Maintain a clean mouth with our recommended rinsing and irrigation techniques.
• Communicate any ongoing discomfort, nausea, vomiting, or questions about medication or antibiotics.

When you have a tooth extracted

• Allow a blood clot to form. This stops the bleeding and helps the site heal.
• Avoid disturbing the clot.
• Expect some pain and swelling. Use an ice pack outside the area. Contact us if pain or swelling continues.
• Use recommended and prescribed medication.
• Resume your normal oral hygiene routine 24 hours after your procedure.

When you have multiple teeth extracted

• Expect a small amount of bleeding to occur. Allow the areas to clot and avoid disturbing the clot. Contact us if your bleeding persists.
• Use ice packs on your cheeks outside the treated areas. Continue ice application during awake times for up to 36 hours.
• Use recommended pain medication for discomfort. Contact us if your pain continues.
• Drink water and healthy fluids.
• Avoid rinsing your mouth the day following your procedure. After day one use a warm salt water rinse a recommended number of times per day.
• Eat soft foods or drink liquids until you are comfortable doing otherwise. Resume your normal diet once your surgical sites heal.
• Ask about and follow extraction instructions that apply to the having more than one tooth removed.
• Be aware of any health related issues such as sore throat, swelling, bruising, etc following your multiple extractions. Contact us with any related questions.

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