Bone Grafting

The Foundation of Your Healthy Tooth Function

Bone health is essential to support your teeth. The lack of healthy tissue in your jawbone can be solved with bone grafting.
When you lose bone tissue
Bone loss can be caused by a variety of oral health and related issues. Bone grafting solves the loss of tissue caused by the following common conditions:
Tooth extractions – the loss of a tooth creates a gap. The lack of a tooth prevents your bone tissue from being stimulated and will eventually break down.
• Periodontal disease – the erosion of your gum tissue due to harmful plaque and tartar build up is the result of gum disease. Bacteria must be removed and the tissue treated to preserve a healthy tooth environment.
• Dentures and dental bridges – these tooth replacement options do not allow for natural stimulation of your bone tissue. Eroded bone tissue can result from long term use of a denture or dental bridge.
What bone grafting does to restore tissue health
New bone tissue can be placed at the locations where tissue has eroded or failed to redevelop. Bone tissue grafts can be acquired from select sources including your own tissue harvested from your hip, jaw, lower leg bone, or skull.
Where bone grafting works for you
Bone grafting can be effective in specific areas within your facial and jaw regions.
• Ridge augmentation restores your bone health to areas impacted by a tooth extraction. The treatment assists with renewing the natural shape of your gums and jaw that’s been affected by bone loss.
• A sinus lift restores the loss of bone in your upper jaw. Bone tissue placed in the sinus cavity and above your gum line provides an anchor point for your dental implant used to secure your new tooth or teeth.
• Socket preservation restores your tooth socket that’s been damaged by infection, tooth loss, or bone loss. Bone tissue placed within the socket stimulates the natural development of new, healthy tissue to improve tooth replacement success.


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